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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Cherry Carpet Cleaning offers a full range of professional sofa & carpet cleaning services. We keep your home looking beautiful while providing you with the best cleaning in West London. We provide both office and residential steam cleaning to make sure your carpet is clean for either your home or business. You can book our affordable carpet cleaning service for emergency same day appointment.

Our Fulham cleaners use the steam carpet cleaning method (hot water extraction), because it has been proven as the best and most thorough carpet treatment. Now you can freshen the inhouse air, remove allergens from your home and revive the bright colours of your old carpet by booking a service with us! House carpets are known to collect dirt, dust, pet hair, coffee stains and even wine stains. As carpet cleaning experts, we believe that a clean home starts with a clean carpet. If you ever wonder which is the best carpet cleaning around Fulham, call us!

If your old sofa looks all scruffy or you need to remove a few stains from your chairs – our technicians can help. They are equipped with powerful steam cleaning machines that would make sofas and chairs as good as new. Dust, dirt stains – consider them all gone! Our professional cleaners provide complete upholstery cleaning service for the renewal and extending the life of your sofas, armchairs, mattresses, curtains and other fabrics. Don’t hesitate to contact our Fulham technicians today.

Cherry Carpet Cleaning provides cheap rug cleaning service to all residents of Fulham and the surrounding areas. Having your rugs steam cleaned will reduce the allergens in your home, making it perfect for families with pets and children. It has been proven scientifically that deep steam cleaning improves the quality of the air.

If you need a miracle to remove an old stubborn stain you might as well call us right now! Our cleaners are extensively trained at stain removal and carry a full professional spotting kit that can remove a large number of stains such as red wine, rust, urine, make-up, dried paint, oil, tea, coffee, chewing gum and ink.

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We Are Cherry Carpet Cleaning

Cherry Carpet Cleaning LTD is based in Fulham, West London and provides same day carpet cleaning services in all nearby boroughs. Our main goal is to provide high quality upholstery, rug and deep carpet cleaning services to both residential and business clients at an affordable price. If you were searching for the most affordable and superior emergency steam carpet cleaning service provider with amazing results, then you have come to the right place. As same day carpet cleaners, we believe that a clean home starts with a clean carpet. Call now and get the best West London carpet cleaning service at a cheap price!

Why choose Cherry Carpet Cleaning in West London?
  • Pro equipment for the best carpet cleaning
  • Cheap local carpet cleaners
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly detergents
  • Transparent pricing – no hidden fees or charges


Q: How does hot water extraction cleaning work?

A: The Hot Water Extraction treatment is also known as “steam cleaning” for carpets and upholstery. This procedure is more advanced than the regular steam cleanup. The hot water extraction method combines high pressure for agitation and hot water for increasing the reaction time. Here is how professional steam cleaning works:

  1.  A high-pressure unit sends the powerful stream of hot water deep down the fibres of the carpet
  2.  A suction nozzle is simultaneously working to extract the water along with the soil and grime, leaving the carpet clean and refreshed. The attachment can suck up to 95% of the liquid.

The professional hot water extraction is appropriate for carpets made of both synthetic and wool fibres.

Q: How long does the steam cleaned rugs take to dry entirely?

A: It takes between 4 and 6 hours.

Q: Is your staff insured and reliable?

A: Yes, all team members of Cherry Carpet Cleaning are proven professionals, and they are insured. The cleaners have undergone professional training and have certificates for their specific skills. Our team members drive fully equipped branded vehicles, wear branded uniforms, and can present IDs.

Q: What is the area coverage of Cherry Carpet Cleaning in London?

A: Carpet Cleaner Near Me offers impeccable Carpet Cleaning service throughout Central and South West London – the M25 ring: Clapham, Bromley, Streatham, Tooting, Wandsworth, Chiswick, Battersea, Highgate, Mitcham, Marylebone, Morden, Earlsfield, Notting Hill, Putney, Twickenham, Earls Court, Sutton, Wimbledon, Acton, Maida Vale, Fulham, Southwark, Greenwich, Mayfair, Hammersmith, Balham, Kensington, Kingston upon Thames, Romford, Barking, Hounslow, Canary Wharf, Shepherd’s Bush, Southfields.

Q: Does the dry cleaned carpet need to dry?

A: No. The textile flooring can be used almost immediately after the service.

Q: What types of carpets and rugs do you handle?

A: At Cherry Carpet Cleaning, we treat a wide range of rugs, carpets, and textile floorings. We can also provide Oriental rug cleaning. We clean Indian carpets, Persian carpets, Tibetan rugs, Moroccan rugs, runners, area rugs, sculptured rugs, circular rugs, and more. If you don’t see your carpet type listed above, give us a call to ask.

Q: How long until my carpet dries after steam cleaning?

A: If your rug is made from wool fibres, then it will take approximately 4 hours to dry. For any other carpet, it should take about 2 hours. We can also bring free Air mover if you desire to speed up the drying process, in case there is no proper air circulation in the room.

Q: How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

A: Well this depends on how much foot traffic the carpets are exposed to. Treating the textile flooring with a stain protection products also makes a difference.

Cherry Carpet Cleaning professionals recommend deep cleaning treatment at least twice a year for regularly used home rugs and carpets.

Q: What stain protection do you offer and why should I use it?

A: We offer a high-grade stain repellent product, which significantly prolongs the cleanliness of your textile flooring when applied right after a professional carpet cleaning. It will also extend the life of your flooring significantly, especially if it is used in the high-traffic areas in your home. We are giving a six months guarantee for the stain protection.

Q: What is your availability?

A: We provide our cleaning services 7 days a week, and we work on bank holidays too. Additionally, we can arrange an evening appointment. The Cherry Carpet Cleaning provides service throughout Central, South, South-East, East, North-East, North, north-West, West, and South-West London.

Q: Do you move furniture?

A: Professional carpet cleaning requires only one cleaner. The technician could move light furniture pieces as long as this doesn’t pose any risk of injuries or damage to the furnishings.

Q: What kind of detergents do you use?

A: We work only with environmentally friendly cleaning products with a proven cleaning effect. These detergents are safe for both people and animals. And speaking of safety, we ask you to avoid walking on the flooring before it’s completely dry, in order to prevent slips, injuries and re-soiling.

Q: What happens if my carpet is damaged?

A: While this doesn’t happen often, accidents do happen sometimes even when experienced cleaners do the treatment. Luckily, Cherry Carpet Cleaning is insured, so you will be compensated adequately in case something unplanned occurs.

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