5 Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips

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5 Professional Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you are serious about creating a hygienically clean space for your family it is an important starting point to seriously consider the deep cleaning services available to clean your household carpets. Experienced carpet cleaning specialists hold the much-desired knowledge required to complete this process. The following advice will leave you well-equipped; do not spend another minute muddling your way through the expanse of detail available and invest your time wisely by seeking the assistance of a well-respected professional carpet cleaning company.

Our 5 Professional Tips For You

Here are the 5 carpet cleaning secrets of the pros to try at home:

Tip #1

Our first carpet stain cleaning secret discusses re-occurring spots. How many times have you identified a stain and thoroughly cleaned it for it to return the following day? This may mean that the stain was from oil dirt which means it did not give in to scrubbing or hand wash, this may make it have a bad look especially if the carpet has a bright color. Each and every stain requires in-depth information on how best to deal with it, based on carpet cleaning product formulations and techniques.

Carpets are available in a huge variety of materials and the pile will also vary. A necessary requirement will be to use the correct product that will assist to lift the stain; do not rub the area and make sure that once the stained area has been cleaned that it is thoroughly rinsed.

Tip #2

Our second carpet stain secret covers bleached or faded spots. The successful removal of this depends intrinsically on the type of carpet fiber and the household product used that created this spot. An expert carpet cleaner could possibly spot-dye a small area, however, this process is best left to the specialists as experience will play a pivotal role in the overall success. However you can use specialized remover detergent which will clean up once and for all.

Tip #3

Our third secret deals with stains such as alcohol, tea, coffee and liquid foods. It is important to blot up any surplus spillage; a detergent and vinegar solution should then be used to work from the outer edge of the stain inwards. This should be mixed using one tablespoon of white vinegar and one teaspoonful of gentle detergent for washing woolens to half a pint of warm water.

Blot up the excess with dry, white clothes frequently and ensure to rinse the affected area using one part white vinegar with four parts water in a spray bottle. Blot the dampened area and repeat process until the area is completely dry.

Tip #4

Our fourth trade secret discusses staining left from chocolate, sweets, blood or soft drinks. The first port of call is to scrape up any excess with a blunt knife. Use one teaspoonful of gentle detergent to half a pint of warm water and repeat the process of working from the outer edge, inwards. Blot the area dry and then treat with an ammonia solution consisting of one teaspoonful of branded household ammonia and one cup of warm water. It is important to then repeat the rinse procedure as above to achieve the best possible result.

Tip #5

Finally, our fifth secret is dealing with stains produced from solids, fats, chewing gum or oil. Again, scrape up any excess with a blunt knife and follow this by using a dry cleaning solution, or surgical spirit. Following on from this add one tablespoon of white vinegar with one teaspoonful of the gentle detergent solution and half a pint of warm water. Blot dry and repeat the rinse procedure as above.

It is imperative that your approach to any carpet stain is tailored to both the stain and the carpet fiber. If it is likely that you are easily blinded by science, invest your time wisely in these cleaning secrets that you can try at home which are cost effective.

Alongside carpet stains, outdoor pollutants, pesticides, allergens, bio-contaminants, chemical contamination, dust mites, sand, grease, soil and oil deposits, food particles, bacteria, and a host of other really unhealthy contaminants will get into the surface of the carpet through general day-to-day use. These will all be removed in the above do-it-yourself carpet cleaning process; the result is a hygienically clean-looking carpet. You will never have to worry again!

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